1L Contract Law Outline

Law: The parties must act in good faith and fairly in the performance of the contract. There is no reason to believe that CIM did not actually need the additional amount. Facts: Roberts signed a contract to sell and install cupboards for prostitutes. Problems arose in the relationship and Hooker terminated the contract. Roberts claimed $9850 in production losses, $1760 in administrative time, $1440 for cabinet storage and $30,000 in lost profits ($150,000 to $120,000), totalling $43,050. The jury awarded a total of $42,870. 1. Only if the breach is significant does it release the non-infringing party from its obligation to perform the contract. Note: Gen could have insisted on the contract before using the numbers. Posner: Zero profit, which is assumed if dependence is forgiven due to profit uncertainty – but underestimates profit, since the party would likely have made some profit. Granting pre-contractual trust can compensate for this. Law: There must be an explicit objective intention to be binding.

The letter contains wording such as “subject” that indicates a lack of purpose – no stated intent, therefore no binding contract. Membership Contract – Standardized contract (take it or leave it) – The consumer has no realistic hope of negotiating or negotiating terms and cannot get a product without accepting the terms. Facts: CCC has entered into a long-term contract with NIPSCO (utilities) to supply coal at a fixed price with only climbing options. NIPSCO was instructed by the state authority to obtain cheaper sources and therefore attempted to terminate the contract with CCC under the force majeure clause. NIPSCO wanted damages, performance specific to the CCC. [NOTE: If the contract is not part of these classes, it is NOT necessary to write to be applied] Except in the case of a document proving a contract taking into account marriage, the status may be completed by a signed document that has not been established as a contractual agreement. Eligible damages: Costs between the signing of the contract and the breach (trust). (3) An action based on an agreement may make a contractual remedy appropriate, even if the uncertainty has been removed. Any contract or obligation under this Act imposes a duty of good faith with respect to performance or performance. A promise that changes an obligation under a contract that is not fully fulfilled on either side is a binding fact: Russell entered into a contract with Duff for performance and then breached it to go to another place to get more money. The parties had a $2,000 lump sum damages clause. Law: The court considers several factors in determining whether the agreement can be considered a binding contract: 1) whether the party reserves the right to be bound, 2) partial performance, 3) any important agreed terms, and 4) whether the complexity of the transaction indicates an expected formal contract.

In this case, there was sufficient evidence for the jury to enter into a binding contract. Defenses – objections to be avoided, EVEN IF prima facie the cause of the treaty is proven. Aff. Def. The Fact: Dicker caused $150 in expenses based on Goodman`s franchise agreement, which he did not deliver. Goodman could have ended it at any time once it was created. Law: No warranty of indemnification implied in the contract (no tort claim for medical malpractice). In any event, it would be contrary to public policy to award damages for the birth of a healthy child.

Dissens (Stevens): Unequal bargaining power should not make the FSC enforceable, especially since membership contracts should be subject to more scrutiny. Facts: Clark signed a 20-year serfdom contract with Johnston. Law: Because the choice of trust over expectation may also include damages that occurred in anticipation of the contract. NEVER used in the United States. Fact: CCC signed contracts with Wills and Weisberg in anticipation of a fight with Dempsey. Then he made a contract with Dempsey, which was later broken. Facts: Pennzoil made an initial approval from Getty Oil. Texaco disrupted the contract only 48 hours later. Law: The arbitration and selection clauses of the forum are not unscrupulous procedurally, because in a long contract, the whole thing still has to be read.

Clauses that are not unscrupulous in terms of content in order to force claimants to travel or not to facilitate a class arbitration. Fact: Hadley, a miller, hired Baxendale, an ordinary freight forwarder, to deliver a new crankshaft at noon the next day. Baxendale several days late. Mill couldn`t function in the meantime. 2. If the market price < contract price (the seller made a good deal), the buyer will limit the quantity (the seller always has less profit). [The seller may resell the goods and recover the difference between the resale price and the contract price plus incidental damages. See § 2-712 – Buyer Protection, above.] (1) Although a letter of intent is to be understood as an offer, it cannot be accepted to form a contract unless the terms of the contract are sufficiently certain. Law (Traynor): The purpose of the promissory note waiver (§ 90) is to make the contract binding instead of the counterparty – finds trust and the contract enforceable. Generation wins.

(1, 2a, NO; 2b, 4 YES) 5) Fairness – Performance of contracts that are “fair” Caspi: In holding contracts, there is a reference to conditions on computer screens. (1) Damages shall not be reimbursable for damages which the injured party could not have foreseen at the time of the conclusion of the contract as a probable consequence of the breach. Law: Minors may not enter into a contract unless necessary. Housing is not a necessity in this case, as the children could (and did) return to their parents` home. The affixing of a seal to a document proving a contract to purchase or an offer to buy or sell goods does not constitute the writing of a sealed instrument, and the Sealed Instruments Act does not apply to such a contract or offer. Law (Posner): A substantial modification of a clause is not effective even if the contract is. OM did not know that taxes were levied, so the term is ineffective. Law: The reference to the outside, the license inside, the right of return for refund is an acceptable way of doing business.

Since only one form, § 2-207 is irrelevant, although the contract still cannot be unscrupulous (which is not the case in this case). Gilmore, Death of the contract – Schuldscheinververgiverleitung derives more from tort liability than from contract. (a) if the damage is complete, the contract is invalid; and (1) “Goods” means all things (including specially manufactured goods) that are mobile at the time of identification of the purchase contract, with the exception of money in which the price is payable, warranties (Section 9) and things in action. “Property” also includes young unborn children of animals and crops, as well as other identified elements associated with real estate as described in the property to be separated from the property (§ 2-107). Facts: The contractor entered into a contract with the subcontractor to excavate the construction site. The subcontractor found unforeseen debris and required additional space to remove it, which was offered by the contractor. Subcontractors were then injured. (b) he is aware at the time of the conclusion of the contract that he has only limited knowledge of the facts to which the error relates, but considers his knowledge to be sufficient, or that expressions of consent, which are in themselves sufficient for the conclusion of a contract, are not prevented by the fact that the parties also express the intention; create and accept a monument written about him; however, the circumstances may demonstrate that the agreements are prior negotiations. Specific service – repair of the requirement of the exact performance of a contract in a specific form in which it is concluded. (1) If the declaration of consent of one party is caused by a fraudulent or material misrepresentation of the other party, on which the recipient can legitimately rely, the contract is questionable by the recipient.

Facts: RC awarded the contract to LB in January, cancelled it in February and asked LB to stop working in March, April and September. LB finally stopped in November and filed a lawsuit for violation. 8. Can either interpret contracts in such a way that they are close to the initial (classical) intention, or intervene in the face of changing circumstances, expectations and (relational) interests. (1) An offer is binding as an option contract if (a) it is written and signed by the tenderer, provides for an alleged consideration for the submission of the tender and offers an exchange on fair terms within a reasonable time.. Facts: The plaintiff purchased Gateway with a contract in the box, had problems, and did not want to go through arbitration. 2. trust – costs incurred by the promise based on the benefit of the contract; Try to put Promisee back in the position she was in before the promise was made. .

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