Quarry Operating Agreement

Working hours may change by mutual agreement between the enterprise and a majority vote of the members of the union, or by mutual agreement by a majority vote of the members of the union in a particular area and of the company, after a vote has taken place under the supervision of the union. For the purposes of this section, Bethel and Barre are considered separate areas. The areas within Barre will be examined at the request of the parties. Career sites, management determines which career site an employee should be (a) Automatic jet drilling equipment will have one (1) operator unless the work is done out of sight of others in the quarry. The Barre Belt Granite Employer Pension Plan (the “Plan”) is amalgamated with and into the USW Retirement Trust (the “Pension Trust”) between the Plan and the Pension Trust pursuant to the terms of a specific amalgamation agreement (the “Amalgamation Agreement”), the terms of which are contained herein by reference. (Hereinafter, the amalgamation of the Plan and the Pension Fund is referred to as a “merger.”) Employees who are laid off during one of the weeks, during which the days of the municipal assembly or Thanksgiving fall, are not entitled to vacation pay during those weeks. Instead, these employees must report to work as individuals on the first business day following the end of such termination, and these employees may collectively and mutually agree with the company on the days on which they take personal days off with payment if they were otherwise entitled to vacation pay. These personal days must be taken within thirty (30) days following the first working day following the end of the dismissal in question, and if no amicable agreement is reached, the employees will receive instead of all the days of leave to which they were entitled. assigned, regardless of seniority.

(c) The whole problem of dust equipment in each department concerning the operation of the quarry must be investigated and investigated by a joint committee. This Commission shall be composed of the representatives of the Safety Committee. c) The injured employee may participate in all stages of the complaint process. The time limits may be extended by mutual agreement. (c) The Company is not entitled to hire such summer career employees as long as the company`s employees who can perform the available work and who are willing to do so are dismissed. (a) In order to eliminate the potential risk of silicosis associated with rock drilling in the Barre Granite quarry belt, the Company has installed dust control equipment that meets appropriate standards established and published by the Vermont Occupational Safety and Health Administration and/or the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health of the Mine, Safety and Health Administration. if need be. (a) No later than the Monday preceding the Thanksgiving holiday, the Society will issue a notice of winter layoff and a blank voluntary work assignment sheet. The notice of winter discharge shall fix the date on which normal quarry operations will be restricted for the winter season, the date on which normal quarry operations will resume in the spring and a summary of the procedures and rules set out in this section. 4. Amendments to both schemes may be implemented at any time only if they have been mutually agreed between the trade union and management.

Other insurers and third-party administrators may be used as long as the level of benefits is not lowered at the time of change and this is only by mutual agreement between the unions and management. It is envisaged that employees who decide to join a new department will be assigned entry-level positions. If the employee is assigned to a higher classification than worker, epidinator, factory sweeper, tool grinder or career worker, the employee may not hold the position for more than sixty (60) days without the consent of the union. Those who take on a task in another division will be the lowest seniority in that division. (b) The job classifications listed in section 4.1 above shall be combined into a single classification for seniority purposes for the career activities of the enterprise. Complaints dealt with in accordance with the provisions of this Article shall be made in writing and signed by the complaining Party so that they can be submitted to Step 4 and subsequent stages. It is mutually understood that the words “foreman” or “career manager” may be replaced by the word “company”, as appropriate. The time limits may be extended by mutual agreement. will do everything possible not to smoke in the thermal huts of the quarry. It`s also mutual (b) The minimum wage rate for summer workers is fifty cents ($0.50) above the minimum rate set by the U.S.

Department of Labor. If this minimum wage rate is increased by the Ministry of Labour during the term of this agreement, the wage rates of summer employees will be increased accordingly. These employees should not be employed under the edge of the quarry, with the intention of not performing general production work. b) Earn three-fifths (3/5) of a full leave if the employee has worked eighty (80%) percent of the career schedule. The Parties agree to consider and mutually agree to implement measures to reduce the cost of health insurance in order to improve and increase the quality and efficiency of health care. (e) For example, if a bar runner works even if less than fifty (50%) of the career is active, he will receive the same reserve salary as the rest of the employees at the end of the week. (e) Due to the application of the twelve-month recall provision (12), no career staff will be dismissed during the winter dismissal and no employee who chooses to voluntarily dismiss will suffer a loss of seniority or dismissal. In the event that the Company decides to make a permanent dismissal during the winter termination period, such dismissal shall be in accordance with Article 12.1 of this Article and shall not apply to senior management in the event of voluntary dismissal. b) Only employees who are experienced and trained in the handling of explosives will handle explosives. While an employee handles explosives, he or she temporarily receives a bonus of seventy-five cents ($0.75) per hour above the designated minimum wage for the career.

The employee receives this temporary rate of pay for each pay period, regardless of how often the explosives are handled. During payment periods when explosives are not handled, the employee may not receive the bonus. Employees are required to notify the Company on the day they are unable to report to work. This should be done as soon as possible and include the reason for the absence or delay. The absence of three (3) consecutive business days without notice to the Company will expose the employee to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. The phone number of the quarry office is 802-476-3121. (b) Overtime shall be distributed as equitably as possible and allocated to workers who regularly work in the region where overtime is required, unless special circumstances preclude such assignments. If unassigned work is to be done, “zone” refers to a specific career such as Rock of Ages, Smith`s, etc.

The Company will make every effort to give as much notice as possible if overtime is required and to provide advance notice before the Wednesday of the week that requires Saturday work, except in an emergency. The president, the treasurer and the union employee representative have the right to inspect the company`s records of production, payroll and career hours in order to verify the calculations in accordance with this section. For each contribution, the employer submits to the pension fund a contribution report on the form submitted by the pension fund, on which the employer communicates the names, statutes, dates of recruitment and dismissal, as well as the total number of hours paid to each insured employee during the month`s salary. The employer must provide the union with a copy of the report. The Employer further agrees to provide the Pension Trust with any other information requested from time to time by the Pension Trust regarding the benefits that the Pension Trust provides to such employees and to allow the Pension Trust to audit its books and records to determine compliance with the terms of this Agreement. The monthly saleable cubic foot produced per hour worked is determined by dividing the total number of saleable cubic feet extracted from the Company`s quarries each month from the beginning of March to the last day of career work in the December fiscal year by the total working time of the employees covered by this Agreement during that month. EXAMPLE: A man works for the Company for two (2) years and three (3) months and then is absent from work for nine (9) months due to illness. At the end of the nine (9) months of illness, he returns to work. The time saved is three (3) years. If he works only two (2) months after receiving vacation pay, he is entitled to 2/12 of one (1) week of leave; six (6) months, 6/12 of one (1) week and so on. Downtime due to quarry closures, bad weather or absences sanctioned in writing by management will not be deducted from the time saved by an employee. One (1) week of leave earned, i.e.

time spent outside the workplace, is mandatory. The above requirements may be changed by agreement between the company and the employee, and a copy of these will be given to the union. The requirement for mandatory leave, i.e. a period outside the workplace, does not apply to employees who have not worked for eight (8) consecutive weeks due to dismissal, injury or illness. Expeditor Salary Premium: An Expeditor receives at least $2.00/hour above the minimum wage set for the career when performing this job. (b) The subscription services provided by the Company are described in a brochure distributed by the Company to employees. The conditions under which these services are provided shall be governed by insurance contracts between the undertaking and its insurance institutions. .

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